You can get some relief by moving forward the hot issues to the next team, but two things are going to happen: the problem will never get solved, and it will get back to you faster than you think. If the hurdle needs to be handled by another team, make sure you add some value to it before sending it away: provide notes, your tests or thoughts, steps to reproduce it, the name of people who can help or a summary of the previous steps your team have done.

From the Gerald Weinberg’s book “Quality software management”:

“Another way an individual can relieve overload is by passing problems to other people. As a result, in a quality crisis, problems don’t get solved, they merely circulate.

“Problem circulation is usually the result of spasmodic management style that punishes people who happen to be holding a problem when a manager’s interest reawakens. This dynamis is exactly equivalent to the children’s game of hot potato (…). Any problem that doesn’t have an immediate, obvious solution will show this same dynamic if management punishes whoever happens to be holding it when the bell rings”.