Some time ago, when digital transformation was in its infancy, I migrated my backlog document to an online spreadsheet using the brand new Office tool. Every single new request was logged there and an inscription number was assigned to it. Unfortunately, the IT department decided to start the Office tool again from scratch and rewrite the folders configuration, but the email warning the, by then  few users, had arrived when I was on vacation.

Suddenly, all my backlog documents were lost. Hundreds of items in half a dozen backlogs simply evaporated. I was anxious and distressed by the feeling of having to populate all these backlogs by interviewing again every director and stakeholders.

But nothing happened, I collected the last open requests from my previous open A3 report and now the backlogs consisted only in five to seven items. This very much reminds me of the book Rework by David Heinemeier Hansson and Jason Fried. As Milan Amin says in its blog when writing lessons learned from the book:

Every time you get feedback, don’t rush to implement it. Heck, — don’t even write it down. The thing that is most important, will NOT go away. People will keep on reminding you, even if it’s not the same people, other people will ask you again and again, and you will not be able to forget it”.

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