You have been working in chronograms, Gantt diagrams, risks and resource management, more graphics specifying who reports to whom, dreamed plans, and the name of the people who should be blamed in case of not meeting a deadline. You are probably thinking everything is under control, but nobody reads those documents, skimming them at best. 

When you see paperwork like that one, you might be thinking “What a great project manager I am. Every single detail has been captured”, but it might be only an Illusion of Control. What are you doing to help the team to be more productive? How do you plan to overcome Parkinson or Hofstadter’s laws? Other than getting everyone nervous when a deadline is getting closer, have you helped them to remove obstacles? Are you sure the team is delivering value? Ticking a checkbox for every completed task is not getting you any closer to the objectives if the outcome is faulty or doesn’t provide any utility.