A few weeks ago, the Canary Islands Department of Environment was kind enough to invite me to give a talk at the V Canary Sustainability Conference in held on Thursday October 3. My paper was on the Waste Information System of the Canary Islands and other software systems that help the Waste Department to control the produced waste in the islands. I hope I have not bored much to those not versed in information systems for hazardous waste!

I leave here a link to my presentation on Thursday:

The V Conference on Sustainability in the Canaries were chaired by the Deputy Minister of Environment of the Canary Islands Government and had as its theme the challenges in waste management on islands so several representatives of Cape Verde attended to share experiences on the management of waste in both archipelagos.
The presentations focused on :

  • [Sal, an island with no plastic] with a representative of the City Council of the Island of Sal in Cape Verde.
  • [Models and waste plan in Cape Verde] by Mr. Gilberto Silva, Councillor for the Environment of the City Council of Praia.
  • [El Hierro 100 % recyclable] by Ms. Fabiola Avila, Environmental Technician Cabildo de El Hierro.
  • [The impact of waste on Climate Change] by Mr. Fernando Herrera, Head of Prevention and Control of Pollution of the Canary Islands.
  • Best practices in waste management by representatives of the Group Martinez Cano and Lopesan Islands.

You can find all the information and some pictures of the event at the following address: Guacimara Medina opens the V Sustainability Conference in the Canaries.